I have visited many restaurants in Europe, and it’s something that I loved. They have taken me to meet wonderful people, professional chefs, to discover dishes that have become my favorites and lots of restaurants.

In this blog, I want to leave some reviews of restaurants in case you want to visit any of the countries where they are located. If you actually go, don’t miss the incredible opportunity to meet them:

Martín Berasategui

It’s a restaurant that is located in Madrid and is very popular. I have fallen in love with its varied menu and its exquisite dishes.

Alpenstück Restaurant and Bakery

In this place, the chef makes the best pieces of bread that seems a lot to the ones that you will only find in France. It’s located in Berlin. Everything in this restaurant is made with homemade products. They also have a really varied menu of traditional German food.

Le Bon Georges

Not only has a beautiful structure, but it also has a menu that will surprise you with very exquisite dishes. My favorite was the duck.


This is another place that has become one of my favorites. In here you can find a menu full of traditional French food, very well prepared.

The Celler de Can Roca

It is located in Madrid and is the best I’ve visited in Spain. They have won that people recognize them because their dishes are more than spectacular.


This is one of the oldest restaurants in Germany. They have a great service, delicious food, and what I like the most is that they have menus in English, Spanish and even in French.