The 9 Cheapest Michelin Restaurants in France

There are many French restaurants that are excellent, even many have received the recognition of the famous Michelin star, something that any professional chef dreams of.

But some believe that having that distinction, those restaurants will not be anything accessible. And it’s not like that, that’s why we bring some of the cheapest Michelin restaurants in France:

Auguste Restaurant

This restaurant located in Paris is a beautiful place that you will love, with lots of personality and with a very modern and attractive design. Their menu has a lot of variety, but there are some dishes that are very cheap and too yummy.

Une Table Au Sud

This restaurant is located in Marseille, and its chef is really well known in the French gastronomic world. One of the best things about this place is the view you will have, the port of the city on the blue coasts. Its design is very modern but elegant and its menu has good prices.


This restaurant is very elegant, with a lot of style and possessor of a Michelin star. Located in Paris, one of the most frequented by young people, and has good prices for certain dishes.

Au Trou Gascon

This restaurant is also in Paris, has a Michelin star and has a very minimalist design. In this place they offer you a great variety of food, and especially the lunches, they’re more economical than anything.

The Pyrenees

This French restaurant is also inspired by the Spanish Basque world. Their menus have certain promotions with dishes at a very good price. It’s a very delicious place where you can enjoy yourself, besides; they also have a Michelin star.

Les Genits

This restaurant isn’t one of the biggest and most recognized in the country, but for more than 4 years it has been in the gastronomic world and has already received a Michelin star. Their food is excellent and they have a lunch service of the most economical of all.

Ze Kitchen Galerie

This restaurant located in Paris has a super modern and great design that you will love when you step on it. With an open kitchen where you can see everything the cooks do, also have a great service. Some of their dishes such as meat, duck and other types of lunches are very economical.


This restaurant is very different to all, located in Nice, they have a Michelin star and it’s a Japanese restaurant where you can find any kind of food from that country, besides some French dishes. Some dishes of the menu are very accessible and it’s in front of the beach.

Patrick Jeffroy Restaurant

This restaurant is located in the Hotel Carantec. It has two Michelin stars and in its menu, you will undoubtedly have to choose, even with some more conventional dishes such as lobster, hare or pigeon. Also, they have the best wines in France, and all this for an affordable price.

Curiously, France is the country that has received more recognition from “Michelin stars”, which speaks of the spectacular gastronomy that exists in that country. So, it will be worth visiting any of these restaurants, which are great and at the same time you will be surprised with the prices.