About Us

Hello everyone, my name is MichelĂ© Dumont and I’m from Paris. The love of gastronomy is something that I developed at an early age. Since I was very little, I have seen my parents cooking dishes from different countries besides the traditional ones in France and I loved them.

I studied cooking for some years, specializing in chef. I have worked in different places in Paris and it has really been a great experience and in the future, I would like to do it again. But for some time I wanted to change course, but still pointing to the gastronomy. I am currently traveling throughout Europe to see different places in the world.

I created this blog to share my experiences in different places. I make constructive criticism, recommendations, and observations of some specific dishes or places. I will also add information about the best places I have visited.

One of my goals is to visit different countries to know not only their culture, but also their gastronomy, and to get to know new restaurants and their traditional dishes. I’ll be commenting on the blog all my experiences. I hope you can feel that you are in this experience with me thanks to the blog, so welcome to my world!