I have visited some places in Europe such as Spain, Germany, Italy, obviously different places in France, and many other countries. In those places, I have known a lot of things that really has left me enchanted and that’s something that I like to do.

Many of the places that I have visited have been made by recommendations of colleagues who have commented them to me for being very good places. I thank them so much because it has really been a great experience to visit those places.

But I want to continue visiting other places, restaurants where they offer very rich but original food. To do this I need the help of my blog visitors. I will open an option in the blog so that you can give me your recommendations of the best restaurants that you know.

You can contribute with me and with my blog by writing me through the Contact area the places that you would recommend me. Obviously, I would like to hear about something that you have really enjoyed. Tell me every single little detail of how was your experience. I deeply appreciate any help you give me.