8 German Restaurants You Should Visit at least Once

Germany is one of the most advanced countries in the world, with a lot of culture, tradition and of course, gastronomy. Beer is not the only delicious thing that you can find in this country. There is a wide variety of dishes that will delight you. So, if you’re interested in knowing which are the restaurants in Germany that you have to visit at least once. Here we leave you some of them:

Alpenstück Restaurant & Bakery

Alpenstueck is a restaurant located in Berlin, with a very elegant style and a very varied menu but specialized in the most traditional products and homemade of Germany. Despite being a quality restaurant and very elegant, their dishes aren’t as expensive as many think.

Sachsenhäuser Warte Restaurant

It is located in Frankfurt. Its menu contains a wide variety of dishes. This restaurant is one of the most beautiful you will find. It has a medieval architecture because the restaurant is located in a tower that has a great history since it was one of the few structures that remained intact after World War II.

Gröninger Privatbrauerei

This restaurant and beer factory also has a lot of history, since it’s one of the oldest in the country. The structure is very traditional in Germany, as its menu and is filled with a wide variety of homemade beers.

Brauhaus Lemke

This restaurant is successful not only for its gastronomy but also for being one of the best German homemade beer factories. Its menu is characterized by having typical German meals, with very good prices, and a great service.


This restaurant is one of the oldest in the country. It is located in Frankfurt and is also one of the most recognized places in the city. It is a great place to visit for its great variety of food and drink, and above all, they have menus in different languages for any foreigner who doesn’t speak German.

Another advantage of this beautiful place is that the food is really affordable compared to other sites in Germany. Its staff also offers an excellent service.

Gast und Weinhaus Brungs

This site is located in Cologne. Their menus have a variety of traditional German dishes, and also have the best beers and wines you will find. Its decoration is rustic, designed with wood and bricks.

Brauhaus Georgbräu

Brauhaus Georgbräu has a privileged view as it’s located in front of the river in the district of San Nicolás. It’s one of the most famous traditional German restaurants in this area and in Berlin. The meat dishes are the most outstanding dishes.

Gaststaette Bei Oma Kleinmann

This restaurant is located in Cologne, with a very rustic decoration. Almost everything around is made of wood. It also works as a pub, and they have the best German beers. They offer great dishes of typical German food as well.

Germany is full of varied dishes that will delight you, and these are just some of the many restaurants in the country. Between the cities with the best gastronomy are Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and more. Visit them!