7 Restaurants Which Turned Instagram into Their Playground

One of the most used social networks around the world it’s Instagram. We can see that different public personalities have hundreds of millions of followers. This speaks o the number of registered users who love this app.

Through this app, you can undoubtedly make people know about any project or undertaking that you have. One of the trends currently is the promotion of restaurants or chefs through their official Instagram profiles. Here we bring you some restaurants which turned Instagram into their playground:

The Celler De Can Roca

This restaurant was founded more than 30 years ago. It is located in Spain, specifically in Genora. It’s a project that is currently carried by the three Roca brothers. Their Catalan food has undoubtedly become a delight for the palate of any visitor.

They have more than 200 thousand followers on Instagram. This place has a decoration and architecture so elegant and minimalist that everybody wants to live there.

Martín Berasategui Restaurant

One of the best restaurants in Madrid, Spain, its great recognition is due to the fact that it has 8 Michelin stars, the biggest distinction that any chef or restaurant, in particular, can receive in the world of gastronomy. It has more than 100 thousand followers on Instagram and has become the favorite place of different famous personalities in Spain.


It’s one of the sites who has the biggest amount of followers on Instagram thanks to the popularity it has gained. It has a very wide variety of dishes in its menu, and the specialty of the restaurant is the steak.

Arzak Restaurant

It’s another restaurant located in Spain, which possibly doesn’t have as many followers as others, with more than 30 thousand followers. However, the dishes will certainly delight anyone who tries them. You can follow them on their Instagram account and you can visually enjoy each dish they offer.


This restaurant has also gained a lot of followers because of the popularity it has won, with almost 200 thousand followers. It has restaurants in different parts of the world such as Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Miami, and more.

Sala de Despiece

This restaurant is located in Madrid, and it has great recognition within the local elite. Their official account on Instagram has more than 12 thousand followers because it’s one of the best restaurants thanks to the quality of its food and its efficient service.

Goiko Grill

This restaurant isn’t the same as the rest of the other named before. This is a less elegant, ostentatious, and undoubtedly more accessible restaurant. They offer the best burgers in Spain! It’s a place that has been so successful that it has restaurants in different cities such as Madrid, Zaragoza or Valencia.

These restaurants have undoubtedly gained some recognition through Instagram but without doubt, the merit they have is thanks to the quality food they offer, their beautiful locations, their affordable prices, and above all, the excellent service.